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What Is The Most Expensive Part Of A Bathroom Remodel?

Labor, tile, fixtures, and cabinets are the most expensive aspects of a bathroom remodel. These are the things that eat up a significant portion of the total bathroom renovation budget. Other aspects of a bathroom remodel, such as a shower and layout changes, may increase the budget, but this is dependent on personal preference.

The type of job you choose will have an impact on the cost of a bathroom remodel. If you plan to move walls, relocate or replace the shower, vanity, or bathtub, your overall budget will be higher than expected.

You can rely on us if you're planning a bathroom renovation and just need bathroom renovators in Sydney. We'll show you various types of bathroom remodels that you might want to consider for your bathroom.

The Most Expensive Component Of A Bathroom Renovation

The Cost Of Relocating Fixtures

When it comes to bathroom remodel costs, one of the most important considerations is the cost of moving fixtures.

If you want to move fixtures, such as a toilet or a sink, it will cost you a lot more money. Professional assistance is required when relocating toilets or sinks in the bathroom, particularly when connecting the toilet to the sewer.

Connecting toilets to an existing sewer line can be a difficult task for a plumber, so it's best to hire someone with a lot of experience and who is willing to change things up to get the job done right. The best bathroom renovators in Sydney can be found at Aesthetic Home Renovation.

Work With Tiles

The other most expensive material in a bathroom renovation is tile. “Tiles are very important because they reflect the bathroom's beauty and good appearance”.

You may be wondering why tiles are so expensive. In fact, tile work is more expensive in terms of labour because it takes almost two to three weeks to set and arrange the tiles in your bathroom perfectly. It takes four days to plan and another five days to complete the installation.

The number of tiles in your bathroom has an impact on the cost of your budget. For example, if you want a high-end tile, such as an expensive accent shower panel, it will cost you more and have a direct impact on your bathroom budget.


The bathroom cabinets are the next component of your bathroom remodel that will have an impact on your budget. One of the most expensive aspects of a bathroom renovation is the installation of cabinets. Cabinet work necessitates a large number of machines and labourers.

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